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Atelier verrückte Liebe

C.E. Bouchet is a French painter sharing his time between Chenonceaux (Loire Valley), Düsseldorf and Berlin where he painted the wall in the late 80's.


The painter Christophe-Emmanuel Bouchet was born in 1959 in Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher. Being deaf, he was taught at home by his mother until he attended high school in Toulouse. After graduating in 1976, he studied art in Toulouse, Paris and Bordeaux.

He then moved to Berlin where he was belonging with his friend Thierry Noir to the „known artists painting the wall with hundreds of amateurs - "I just wanted to make a little bit with the color revolution" („Ich wollte halt ein kleines bisschen Revolution machen mit die Farbe.“). Bouchet's paintings covered about 5,4 km of the wall. C.E. Bouchet made a tribute to Marcel Duchamp by installing an urinal on the wall.

Bouchet is painting on all sorts of materials. Next to canvas and plates, he also painted cars like his "Bouchet-Mobil" or a Rolls Royce Silver Wraith II (1989) as well as metal or objects.

His works are colorful and very poetic, without missing some society critical contents.

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